Hammerhead scaffold Hammerhead scaffold

The term “hammerhead scaffold” is used because the assembly and disassembly of this system are done by hammering on the horizontal locking pins and nailing on the bases.

Hammerhead scaffolding (also known as star scaffolding) is produced in various sizes, consisting of vertical posts and horizontal braces. Vertical posts of the hammerhead scaffolding are produced in lengths of 3, 2.5, 1.5, and 1 meter. By placing adjusting bolts at the top and adjustable base jacks at the bottom of the scaffolding, the height and leveling differences can be easily adjusted for each section. Installing horizontal braces on the scaffolding posts is easily achievable by using a hammer, and the connection between the scaffolding posts is done using nuts and bolts.

Hammerhead scaffold

Advantages of using hammerhead scaffolding over triangular scaffolding:

1 – Heavy loading on the formwork of concrete beams

2 – Ease and speed in opening and closing, without the need for a wrench to secure the connections

3 – Expandable in plan and height without limitations and without the need for anchoring at greater heights

4 – Suitable for use in façade framing of buildings or industrial installations, among others

5 – No need for skilled scaffolding workers; assembly of components can be done by unskilled labor

6 – Ease of handling and transportation due to the lightweight nature of the components

7 – Suitable for prefabrication of arched and non-planar ceilings.

Hammerhead scaffold

Components of hammer head scaffolding (star-shaped):

  • Scaffolding base
  • Scaffolding anchor
  • Scaffolding baseplate (shoe)
  • Scaffolding nut
  • Scaffold pin
  • Adjustable Jack Base
  • Adjustment Screw (Jack Screw)

Hammerhead scaffold

Weight Table of Components of Hammerhead Scaffold (Star)

Description of the Part Weight / kg
3 meter base for scaffolding 14.2
2.5 meter base for scaffolding 11.9
2 meter base for scaffolding 9.2
1.5 meter base for scaffolding 7.3
1 meter base for scaffolding 4.8
0.5 meter base for scaffolding 2.4
2 meter horizontal bracing 7.9
1.5 meter horizontal bracing 5.8
1.2 meter horizontal bracing 4.7
1 meter horizontal bracing 3.9
Heel of the brace (Shoe) 1.4
Brace Core 0.6
Scaffold pin 0.3
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