Modular Tunnel Mould System 


The tunnel mould systems, now raise as a competent system in structuring the concrete projects. In this system, walls and roofs are carried out in one step, and the result is a solid element. Followings are some of its privileges:

  • Reducing the period of project constitution, considerably.
  • Reducing the costs, because the period of the constitution being reduced.
  • Economizing the himan resources for reducing the time of constitution.
  • The capital is not involved for a long time to make the project, because the project is done rapidly.
  • Continuous use of moulds in different projects and as a result it can be considered as a durable capital for the executants.
  • Making one floor of a large apartment is possible in a short time.
  • The quality of the structure in raised by use of the tunnel mould system.
  • Narrowing and internal architecture operation is omitted as the result of making flat and glossy levels.
  • Making solid and accurate internal dimensions, as a result of high accuracy of the moulds.
  • Using the tunnel mould system is profitable for making use of the available area.
  • The structure made by tunnel moulds resist, facing the earthquakes and fires, this is because of solid concreting of the walls and roofs.
  • To perform a concrete structure by using tunnel moulds, constitution of the project is like an assembly line, and for daily recurrence, rate and output of the operation is high.
  • This system can be used by semiskilled persons, because the use of those moulds is simple.
  • In this method, it can be used the prepared mesh networks, and this is one way to reduce performance period and also reducing the costs.
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