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Star Scaffold

Star Scaffold


These types of scaffolds have been comprised of vertical parts and horizontal parts in various shapes and sizes.

Vertical members of Star Scaffold of scaffolds are produced in length of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 meters.

Such types of scaffolds can be regulated at any height and at any balance by placing head of adjustable jacks in upper part and basis of regulatable jacks in lower part of scaffold.

Advantages of Using Hammer Scaffold s as follows:

1-No need to hire skilled laborers and easy assembling even with an unskilled laborer.

2-Easy assembling and disassembling, no need to use spanner for fastening fittings.

3-Able to be developed in plan and at any height without any limitation and no need to curbing in very tall heights.

4-Applicable in scaffolding elevation of premises and buildings and any other refineries and installations, etc.

5-Resisting high loading capacity especially on concrete-based grounds.

6-Able to be relocated and/or transferred easily due to lightness of parts.

7-Applicable in various arched and/or unleveled ceilings