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Foundation Formwork

Foundation Formwork


For the implementation of modular structures such as tanks and silos and… the arc formats are used. These formats are similar to standard formats but without the horizontal straps. By considering rolling radius of the trailer we can be supply the various curvatures. Arc formats, such as modular ones are made in different sizes and dimensions and are attached by rolled tube to middle clamps.

The implementation of all the formatting and foundations, ranging from individual foundation, strip, mat, bascule, gradient foundation, ties and platform and short foundations and ...  by using modular format is very simple, economical and fast.

different foundation can be formatted and implementedby combining and connecting metal panels, tailor pipes, the connections such as pin and wedge fitting, pipe clamps to mold,  punch corners and the use of internal and external corners and fillers.

By the way, it should be noted that foundation is the most voluminous and heavy part of the concrete structure and high volume of concrete and mold filling speed