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Formworks of High Walls

Formworks of High Walls


to implement high walls that are concreted in two or more stages, they should be first installed by belt brackets (platform) that are implemented in the first phase. Then install the templates in their position and plummet Jack is installed to align suppliers to the back of the form on brackets as shown in Figure.

After each stage, bracket concrete placement by special bolts or bolts objects for formatting the next step are installed.

If the wall is high, the possibility of concrete placement is not possible in one step. Therefore we use formatting system at height and in concrete placement system at this stage, it should be used of some facilities to ensure the stability of the formatting.

 By using the bracket and its accessories (including internal screw brackets, cone-shaped brackets, cam brackets, screws, external screw brackets, cam brackets) and also by the plummet jacks and concrete platform, we can provide the concrete formwork system stability at an altitude.