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Column Formwork System

 Column Formwork System


by Using modular panels and corners, we can format and implement a concrete column with square or rectangular formatting in accordance with the existing map.

Exterior corners are with the bezel and in the corner of columns, it will be used punched cornerstone.

by combination of modular metal panels, exterior and interior corners and punched cornerstone , executive formatting and concreting operations can be easily performed Column formatting in different forms including rectangular, L-shaped, octagonal, etc. In general, column sections with the geometric form of the above-mentioned have two major components: walled molds (metal panels) or indicating coil or constraint(tube or studs).

Wall column format performance is similar to the lining of the wall. Constraints are backrest and wall template and their internal stability of formatting columns are funded by it. It is clear that to maintain stability along the vertical column and diagonal external stability, controls in two types of stretching (such as cables) and pressure (Jack plummet) will be used.