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Circular Moulds

Circular Moulds


to implement round columns that often are used at the base of the bridge and some buildings such as classified parking and so on, the rounded format are used. These templates are designed and produced in two pieces and connection is normally done by pin and wedge or clamps. Thickness of round format surface is 3 mm and the bars of form are rolled in60 x 8 mm.

Manhole molds are commonly used in water and wastewater projects and its features are like rounded forms,  but Because of the double wall in manhole to easy disassembly of the mold and remove mold from the concrete, it can be built  in three-pieces (two  normal piece and a piece called small format). And if the aforementioned formats are ordered for concrete pipes (which can be connected to each other), they should be embedded at the beginning and end of ring template that Because of having  crotch and tabs, it created male and female state  and the connection between cement pipes to each other can be possible.