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About us

About us 

The management of this business unit that has been initiated since 2006, has been sought its professional activities with perseverance and more learning , and by looking at the high horizon and being involved  more in the production and consumption market , has developed an extensive program and is ready for implementation. Creating a cohesive team of experienced and committed people in the company have caused to encounter simply to problems and left them behind and move in accordance with international standards in the field of production and sales.

Arta team by relying on the Wise God, tries to institutionalize more honesty and technology and creativity and self-confidence in producing perfect and up to date production and always strives to supply the domestic needs, to be present in global market by offering competitive products. Arta assembly as a ring in the chain production of metal molds for concrete, by accepting the difficulties and shortcomings that are currently facing producers there, will attempt to advance more in the aforementioned products in production system, in order to innovate and create jobs and sustainable development.We believe that if we do not adhere to ethical principles, because of the lack of clear understanding about customer needs and demands, we focus strongly on this issue as a frontispiece.


1-honesty, commitment and preconception among team members. 
2-continuous training and the updating of the members information.

3. customer- orientation and respect to stakeholder.

4. More attention to production quality.


having the first place in the concrete metal equipment industry according to design and production in Iran and aforementioned product export to othercountries in the region.



to present better service and innovation in providing updated products for ease of use and reduced total cost of contractors and observing compliance standards for Customers.